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Brick Paver Installation Services in Palm City

Since 2011, Pavers Plus, LLC is a full-service, certified installer of brick pavers. Our highly skilled contractors perform a broad array of residential hardscaping services, personalizing driveways, patios, outdoor kitchens, and so much more.

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Paver Contractors

Pavers Plus, LLC is a licensed and insured paver installer. We design and build customized hardscape creations with technical excellence and unrivaled precision. With every new hardscape project, we seek to shrink costs, shave time, and shoot for installation perfection. Over the years, we’ve established our company name as a household name. We provide a world-class customer experience marked by local hospitality—and your experience will be more of the same.

If you’ve got a paver project on your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

Brick Paver Hardscapes

Year after year, the demand for brick paver hardscapes climbs as more and more homeowners discover the value of pavers. Brick pavers offer the whole package: they’re a durable, low-maintenance product with endless design options. We source pavers in every color, size, and texture you can imagine. Plus, since pavers are individually set and installed, you have limitless aesthetic possibilities. Our contractors frequently form unique patterns by incorporating zigzags and inlays into our work.

That’s not all. Pavers are a long-term investment that require minimal upkeep. Since each paver is set as an individual unit, future repairs are a breeze. You or a contractor can easily extract the damaged paver piece and replace it—no costly tear-outs incurred.

Need some inspiration? No problem. Check out our online portfolio to view some photos of our top-tier craftsmanship.

At-Home Paver Hardscape Consultations

As professional paver contractors, we don’t give out quotes haphazardly. We take the time to meet with prospective customers at their location. That way, we survey the outdoor space firsthand and familiarize ourselves with your unique needs. Allow us to share our in-depth insight into various product types and how to use them to achieve your desired aesthetic. During our meeting with you, we’ll also take square footage measurements to calculate material requirements and put together an accurate cost estimate.

By the way, our project proposals are 100% transparent. We don’t do hidden fees or surprise charges. You can depend on the quote we give you from the start.

Quality Paver Installation

We’ve built a reputation in the field for our craftmanship of superior quality. We engage our contractors in extensive in-house training in order to deliver a next-level installation result. Our crews employ industry best practices and follow manufacturer instructions to produce hardscapes that look as amazing as they perform.

How do we ensure such a high caliber of workmanship? We prioritize the finer details. Our crews take the time to dig deep trenches, build solid bases, and lay level pavers. We faithfully and masterfully build hardscapes, every time.

Build a Brick Paver Hardscape

Pavers Plus, LLC is a premier paver installation company. We’re available for residential hardscape projects of all varieties. You’re bound to love our low-cost products, masterful installation strategies, and top-grade customer service.

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